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Letters to the Editor

Peterson needs

to be retired

Incessant spending, expansion of government, utter disregard for our Constitution and the will of the people which our current Congress, under the extreme left leadership of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have been engaging in, serving as a rubber stamp for President Barack Obama's socialistic agenda, has caused a sleeping giant to wake up and take notice. We need to unseat incumbents who are enhancing the present move toward socialism. Collin Peterson is one of those incumbents who needs to be retired.

I believe that lack of term limits has contributed much to the corruption in our government and it is high time to clean house and remove another career politician from office who is supported by powerful and corrupt union bosses who contribute to the downfall of our economy and really don't care about workers, just forced unionism. Union bank accounts are earmarked to promote the union boss' far-left agenda of bigger government, higher taxes, and even more job-killing regulations. Collin Peterson supports card check (forced unionism) taking away the secret ballot of the workers. That is just one of the many reasons that our secret ballot should replace him with a true representative of the people. His not wanting to have town meetings for the people he represents is bad news. His voting for cap-and-trade proves how influenced he is by the liberal spend-and- tax liberal democrats and not the conservative he would like people to believe that he is.

When you profess to be pro-life, how can you even justify belonging to a party which boldly endorses abortion in its platform and vote for such an extreme abortionist as Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the House as Collin did twice? Pelosi may even be more responsible for the health care reform bill passing into law than Barack Obama.

As a member of Congress, Collin Peterson has voted 93.7 percent of the time with the Democrats and their liberal agendas. And even though Peterson voted against the health care reform bill, we certainly can't depend on him to vote for the repeal of that bill (which over 55 percent of Americans favor), since several days after the bill passed, Peterson stated that now that the bill passed, we all need to get behind it and support it.

Evelyn A. Guggisberg


What's up with

Minnesota property taxes?

Why are property taxes so high in Minnesota as compared to other states, like Arizona?

My house in Surprise, Arizona, is assessed at over twice as much as my Morris house -- and my Arizona house would sell for at least three times what I could get for my Morris house -- yet my Arizona property taxes are just $317.24 more than my Morris house for the year.

Ted Storck