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Letters to the Editor

McCannon best county candidate

I would like to remind everyone that Tuesday, August 10 is the primary election for Stevens County District 5 Commissioner. (District 5 is the northwest part of Morris and the northwest part of Stevens County.)

I believe Roger McCannon is the best candidate for county commissioner.

Over the past 30 years Roger has grappled with the critical challenges facing our county. He has served our county and city on numerous boards and committees -- from the Morris School Board to Ag Extension to the Rural Development Council to the Association of Minnesota Counties. Roger was chair of the Stevens County Economic Improvement Commission and the first president of the West Central Initiative Fund.

He will bring years of knowledge and experience to the county board, as well as a career's worth of budgetary experience and first-hand contacts with agencies and groups throughout the state.

Roger is well-known and well-liked throughout Stevens County. He has a positive, enthusiastic vision for our area, and a great capacity to hear and understand all sides of an issue.

Please remember to vote Roger McCannon on August 10.

Sue Granger


LTD turnout lacking in Morris

Once again, I am disappointed that I have to write this. On Saturday, I participated in the 5th annual LTD Ride honoring three men who gave their lives so that we may go on living in freedom. The number of riders and supporters were outstanding...except in Morris. EVERY other town we went through was lined with supporters and flags. Where were you, Morris? Not only did we lose one of our own that February day (David Day), but we sent numerous of our own there twice now. You were there when they came home, but what about those ones that didn't? I urge you all to make a date for July 23, 2011 for the 6th annual LTD ride and give these guys 10 minutes of your summer Saturday to say "Thank you. You did not die in vain. I appreciate you, your family and what you were willing to do, so I can stand here, free." For those of you who were lining the streets, thank you and I hope to you see out there a year from now. God's speed, Dave, Jesse and Jason! I appreciate you all.

Krista Miller