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Letters to the Editor

Poem for

Flag Day

This poem was submitted in honor of Flag Day on June 14:

The Flag

Here comes the Flag!

Hail it!

Who dares to drag

Or trail it?

Give it hurrahs --

Three for the stars.

Three for the bars.

Uncover your head to it!

The soldiers who tread to it

Shout at the sight of it,

The justice and right of it,

The unsullied white of it,

The blue and red of it,

And tyranny's dread of it!

Here comes the Flag!

Cheer it!

Valley and crag

Shall hear it.

Fathers shall bless it,

Children caress it,

All shall maintain it,

No one shall stain it,

Cheers for the sailors that

fought on the wave for it,

Cheers for the soldiers that

always were brave for it!

Tears for the men that went

down to the grave for it!

Here comes the Flag.

-- Author Arthur Macy (1842-1904) served with the "Iron Brigade" of Michigan during the Civil War. He was wounded at Gettysburg and taken prisoner.

Submitted by

Myrna Tomalla

AmVets Auxiliary

Jan Malo

VFW Auxiliary

Joyce Pieske

America Legion Auxiliary

DWI can be avoided

Over a half-million Minnesota citizens of all age groups have been issued citations for Driving While Intoxicated. Mothers, fathers, teens, and all age groups have been cited.

Most of these citizens are not alcoholics, they just have no idea that it may take only one drink to reach an unsafe level due to their metabolism. Every person is unique, every person metabolizes at their own particular rate. Some people cannot metabolize alcohol, some metabolize so quickly they are almost immune to the effects of alcohol.

The State does not require testing equipment in every establishment selling alcohol products. We are not allowed to know when our body is reaching a critical 0.08 blood-alcohol level.

We have to wear seat belts, we have to have stop signs, speed signs and warning signs. Why on Earth don't we have blood alcohol testing equipment everywhere it is sold to the public?

Could it be that all the legislative personnel, judges, attorneys, and policemen are completely ignorant of the need for educating the public of their alcohol danger level?

Certainly it can't be the billions of dollars realized by the state and the municipalities through the DWI fines. Certainly they understand that curbing accidents, deaths, and injuries are more important than the money realized.

Who is responsible fbr these DWIs, deaths, and injuries for not educating the public. Use available equipment to educate, even though that equipment is unreliable. It would be better than nothing.

Russell W. Anderson