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May is Poppy Month. It is also a month during which many activities include members of our community. From May 17-22, the members of the American Legion Auxiliary will be distributing poppies in stores and businesses.

Remember that this year we are "Celebrating our Service to Veterans, Children and Communities." This is our opportunity to tell the story of how contributions from poppy funds directly benefit the many programs we have for veterans. The financial assistance provided to them help to defray housing, clothing, education, medical, transportation and many other daily expenses.

We just recently donated to the family of Kurt Kruize. These children also will be remembered at the Christmas holiday.

The poppy distribution honors all of America's veterans and it reminds Americans of the price of war and the sacrifice of millions of lives.

Memorial Day is Monday, May 31. No matter what you are doing, make a stop at the armory. Poppies will be distributed there to pay tribute to our deceased veterans who have served our country. The children and youth are welcome to join the parade to the Flags of Honor.

Be there for our veterans and give them your support. If my 10-year-old grandson, Luke, can tell his uncle that he is proud that he is a veteran, we can do the same. Thank you for your support.

LaDonna Stock

American Legion Auxiliary