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Letters to the Editor

Adopt a Highway


This May marks the 20th anniversary of Minnesota's Adopt a Highway program. In west central Minnesota, 126 groups have been a part of the program since 1990, including: Rendsville 4-H Club; Morris Kiwanis; Morris Area FFA; Federated Church; Swan Lake 4-H Club; Scott 4-H Club; Horton 4-H Club; Roger Gerdes and Grandkids; Harlan and Angie Van Horn; GFWC Morris Students Club; Hodges 4-H Club; Mark Holleman Family.

I would like to offer a sincere thank you to every one of our volunteers - they are the real heroes of public service. Every year they pick up tons of litter from state highways. The work is hard, never ending and frequently thankless. MnDOT is very proud of your dedication and commitment to keeping our roadsides clean. The next time you pass a group of volunteers picking up litter, give them a thumbs-up.

So far in 2010, 15 new groups have adopted state highway segments in west central Minnesota. I encourage you to consider this rewarding opportunity and organize a group of volunteers to adopt a segment of your own.

For more information about adopting a state highway segment in west central Minnesota, contact Marleen Anderson at 320-208-7002.

Lee H. Berget

District Engineer

Minnesota Department of Transportation - Detroit Lakes/Morris

Proper car seat saves life

Thank you. A million times, thank you. On Thanksgiving 2009 my family and I were involved in a serious rear end accident involving a semi-truck. My nephew, age 3, was in a car seat provided by public health during the accident. The seat was properly installed, in part thanks to public programs that teach new parents how to put in a car seat, and allow parents to come to police and fire departments and have the seat's installation checked.

Warren is a very tall, slender little boy, and finding a reasonably priced car seat that fit him and met the state's requirements for his age and weight proved to be a daunting task. Public health helped find one, fit it to him, and offered a payment plan that was workable. Warren, a dark haired, bright eyed, happy, friendly little boy (if you've met him, you'll know it!) is alive today because of that special toddler car seat. Thank you.

Dori Coler


Local blood drives

are a success

Many thanks to all who participated in our Morris site American Red Cross blood drives since last October. A total of 312 units of blood were collected. Depending upon how it was used, over 900 lives may have been saved!

We especially want to thank Faith Lutheran Church and the National Guard Armory for generously allowing us to use their facilities, McDonald's for supplying juice, area banks for napkins and cups. However, none of this would be possible without our many volunteers - those who call for appointments, provide cookies, assist with promotion, and those who work the day of the drive. Thank you all for your time and energy.

Receiving blood is not something people discuss; but you may be surprised whom you may know who has needed it. People often think of victims of car accidents or those diagnosed with a blood disease as needing blood. However, premature babies, those who suffer from cancer, and those requiring surgery may have need of blood. When it's someone you love, it makes all the difference - sometimes the difference between life and death.

The next blood drive in Morris is sponsored by Morris Area Women of Today. It will be July 7 at UMM's Oyate Hall from 12:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. To make an appointment, contact Terry Maloney at (320) 589-4240. Mark your calendars. YOU can make a difference in helping someone to live a normal life.

Lorraine Aanerud

Vivian Heltemes

Algene Larson

American Red Cross

Site Coordinators