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Letters to the Editor

Do not support 'cap and trade'

Please do not support "cap and trade" and other laws in response to global warming concerns. I believe the scientists who say that any action by people will do little to affect global warming. But rapidly rising costs of energy will greatly hurt poor people and our economy.

I believe the geologists who report that Minnesota has been covered by glaciers in the past. We know there are none here now and the weather that occurred to melt those glaciers happened before the invention of the coal furnace and the gasoline engine. It is likely that what caused glaciers to melt in the past is also causing them to melt now.

Jim Aanerud


Reflections of

a farm worker

I helped my brothers with harvest in the Morris area last fall and have some thoughts on the merits of a late Minnesota harvest in 2009:

1.) Only the toughest mosquitoes survived into November.

2.) Saved a lot of shotgun shells by not having the time to hunt in November and December.

3.) Fond memories of all the time off you enjoyed in October ... was there some?

4.) No need for an ice pack to keep your lunch cool for the last half of harvest.

5.) Lost the desire or opportunity to haul rocks in the fall. They are all white now, and with some luck, will blow away by spring.

6.) Thanksgiving leftovers make for great field lunches.

7.) 24-7 Christmas music since Halloween.

8.) Happy you did not rent that extra quarter last spring as the cold and snow moved in.

9.) Shortens winter, leaving less time to "worry" about pricing commodities or next year's spring work.

10.) More opportunities to view those beautiful western Minnesota sunrises and sunsets. Most days, you got to see them both.

Despite all the merits of a late harvest, I believe most would be very happy with a normal harvest in 2010.

Maurie Weiler

Eden Prairie