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Letters to the Editor

Wish Tree a gift to community

The Morris Area Women of Today and the Salvation Army are once again pleased and honored to be holding the Pamida Wish Tree event this Christmas.

This year, the need is greater than ever, and the opportunity to provide a gift to a child is now open to families of service members, as well. We have well over 200 ornaments, each representing a child, hung on the tree. Please take a moment to consider taking an ornament, and shopping for the desired sizes and colors of shirts, pants, shoes and PJ's. Return your wrapped gift back, with the upper part of the gift tag attached, to the Pamida store by Dec. 15.

It truly does make a big difference in the lives of others when a community takes the time to collectively put on an event such as this. We may often wonder what difference one person can make, but we continue to make a difference in the lives of others through organizations such as Women of Today and the Salvation Army. We are also blessed to have merchants such as Pamida willing to take the time and effort to supply us with the Wish Tree and the patience to collect and store the gifts until that special distribution date.

Have a joyous Christmas season!

Debi Economou

Morris Area

Women of Today


Peterson not doing his job

Minnesota District 7 Representative Collin Peterson will be voted out of office. He has taken a stand against health care reform because it would add to the Federal budget deficit and not be "sustainable". Representative Peterson ignores the fact that health care costs for his 7th District voters and people are not "sustainable." It is clear that the corporate interests have bought him out.

Representative Peterson has said "No!" to a regulatory plan President Obama had proposed to end the financiers' greed that had caused the current economic recession. That financier greed had required the massive bank bailouts earlier this year to save the economy from depression but adding to the Federal budget deficit. Peterson's "No!" ended a clean regulatory plan that would have combined the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulating Wall Street trading with the Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) regulating futures trading in commodities such as oil, corn and wheat. Peterson's House Agricultural Committee has oversight of the CFTC, meaning Rep. Peterson and Ag. Committee members keep getting campaign contributions from corporate financier interests.

Large agribusiness corporate interests collect billions of dollars of subsidies adding to the Federal budget deficit. Constituents including people Peterson has labeled as "crazy" for mistrusting our government recognize how Peterson has taken care of his corporate campaign contributors. With health care industry contributions of between $250,000-$500,000 as reported by, Peterson says "No!" to a strong health care public insurance option that would force insurer competition reducing growth of unsustainable costs even while providing insurance for millions of people. Medicare could remain protected, according to But, Peterson's "No!" proves he is no cost containment accountant.

Economic disaster will result for everyone. Peterson's "No!" only protects his corporate "wheeling and dealing". Peterson will not be returned to Congress. Voters will remember.

Erwin R. Rud