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Letters to the Editor

UMM hiring

policies clear

I am writing in response to the August 19 letter to the editor regarding UMM's hiring processes and our recent appointment of a new Sports Information Director ("Is UMM hiring process fair?", Sun Tribune).

We track our internal and external hiring to be sure we are offering our staff opportunities for advancement, as well as providing opportunities for people in the community to join us at UMM. Our most recent annual hiring data shows 40 percent of those hired were internal candidates, 60 percent were external. We review this data annually to see that we're maintaining a good balance in our hiring practices.

University of Minnesota hiring procedures are clear. All UMM searches for professional and administrative positions are governed by a formal set of procedures that are consistent with all legal requirements. Like the sports information director position, most searches include the use of a three to five member search committee charged with leading a fair hiring process. After committee review, applicants are selected for interviews based on meeting the required and preferred qualifications for the position. For this position, three strong finalists were selected by the search committee and interviewed by a wide number of campus constituents.

We hired our new sports information director (Chris Butler) not because he happens to be the spouse of a talented member of our faculty. His resume is superior with respect to the required and the preferred qualifications. His experience as a sports journalist include radio play-by-play, hosting sports talk shows and covering athletic contests for the media, including game statistics. He brings additional professional communications experience as a journalist and as a writer, researcher and videographer for Prairie Pioneer Public TV documentaries. He's written a book on sports, is web savvy, and has experience as a web developer and designer.

Ask a UMM student what they value most about their UMM experience and you're most likely to hear "it's the people". We take hiring opportunities very seriously and are committed to a process that results in UMM hiring the person with the strongest credentials and greatest ability to excel in the position.

Sandy Olson-Loy

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

University of Minnesota, Morris


control spreading

America has now spent about eight months under the rule of the current El Presidente and his cohorts (18 czars to date) We continue to see a very high-scale erosion of our individual freedoms, which according to the people in power is for our own good. This present admistration has used its power to take over more of the private sector than any admistration in history. Many of these power grabs are not within the guidelines of the Constitution or the Bill of Rights. But our congress and the state run media just ignore what is going on.

Under the guise of clean air and water we have had to swallow a cap and trade bill which is just a charade designed to get everyone dancing to a particular tune, man-made global warming that does really not exist. We are going to have to burn buffalo chips and use windmills to save the planet, and, by the way, you are going to have to pay a lot more for this natural energy, a whole lot more, so get ready for it.

Then we get to the reform of our health care system. Reform is another word for government control over you as individuals. They want to regulate your life from womb to tomb and they don't want you to ask any questions. Have you ever read any of the regulations in the health care bill? Do some research on it and it will scare the pants off of you. Besides that you will have done something that very few of your congressman and senators have done before they vote on it. They are going to reform it to make it less costly? Have you every seen the government do anything for less than you can do it? Why is our health care high priced? One reason is because we have lawyers in Congress that refuse to do anything about tort reform. Another reason it is high priced is because no one is denied access to health care. All you have to do is have the ambition to show up at the door of a hospital and you are taken care of. The rest of us already pick up the tab.

What can we do? You are an American, one of a select group of independent individuals that are not found anywhere else on this planet. We are going to have to do it ourselves. For a start there are 16 senators up for reelection in 2010. I think we should return them to the private sector. Wake up! The state run media is absolutely of no help. You are going to have to develop your own methods of communication if you want to know what is going on.

Harvey Koehl