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Letters to the Editor

Humane Society needs your help

Our local Stevens Community Humane Society was already "full of cats," to put it mildly, but after an unfortunate emergency call on Saturday night, we are now bursting at the seams.

On Saturday evening, the Morris police department received a call that there was a van parked in the Pamida parking lot that was full of cats. Officer Anita Liebl took the call and also called members of the Stevens Community Humane Society. It was soon discovered that, indeed, the van in Pamida's parking lot held over 35 cats. Unfortunately, the owner of the van was not a Minnesota resident, and therefore could not be charged with hoarding, a crime in our state. However, Liebl and the SCHS volunteers were able to convince the owner of the van to surrender 10 of the cats to our local humane society.

The Stevens Community Humane Society was already full, with over 22 cats who need both foster and permanent adoptive homes. Needless to say, with an influx of 10 new cats in one night, we are now in even more dire need of homes and financial assistance for these cats.

On Saturday, Aug. 8, our local Humane Society is hosting an Adoption Day at Pamida in Morris from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Please consider coming and adopting one of the many waiting animals who so desperately need a home.

Also, please make a financial donation to the Stevens Community Humane Society at this time if it is at all possible. Every little bit helps! If you can donate money, please send checks to: SCHS, P.O. Box 407, Morris, MN 56267. If you can foster an animal, or would like to adopt, please call (320) 589-0378, or come to Adoption Day at Pamida this coming Saturday.

Thank you in advance to our community for your support!

Also, thanks to Officer Liebl for her professional and compassionate handling of this situation.

Linda Hodgson

SCHS board member