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Letters to the Editor

Editor's note -- The first letter from Paul McDonald, Babe Ruth League President, regarding the league playoffs, is reprinted from the Wednesday, July 22 Sun Tribune Sports section on Page 3B.

I write this final Babe Ruth article with a frown on my face. As president of the league this year, I had a very tough decision to make at the end of the season. The championship game between Red and Orange will not be played.

As most of you know, Red lost a big part of their team with the untimely loss of Mitch Kleindl. He may have been number two in the batting order and wore the number two, but he will be number one in our hearts for a long time.

After numerous conversations with both teams' coaches, and a prayer, we came to the decision to end the season without a title game.

Some of us have lost sight of the big picture. Baseball, though it is a sport we all love, is only that, just a sport. There are many more things in this world that are more important.

Red and Orange may have lost a game, but some other people lost something more important than a game.

Mitch, we will miss you.

Paul McDonald

Babe Ruth President

Letter says it all

I would like to commend Paul McDonald for his fine letter regarding the Babe Ruth Championship. You said in a very professional way what so many of us wanted to say but didn't, as it would not have been so kind. Winning is not everything and this was only a baseball game - a life has ended and there are many mourning. Yes, Mitch was our Little No. 2 but touched so many in a big way. He is our Champion - we didn't need to play a game to prove that. We will miss that Little Guy forever but aren't we lucky that we got to have him on our team and got to laugh with him in his short life here on earth. Thanks for all the memories Mitch - I know that God is now a member of your baseball team!

Jeri Erickson