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Letters to the Editor

Is Cap and Trade fair?

"Do not use dishonest standards when measuring length, weight or quantity" (Leviticus 19:35)

God applied this just rule to all who deal in commerce. This ensured honesty between both the buyer and seller. Our state and federal governments have agencies to enforce such honesty in weights and measures and it is a necessary function of government. We know we are buying an accurate gallon of gas, a pound of hamburger and a ten-foot two by four. There are also international standards for trading all commodities and financial transactions.

Imagine a wrestling tournament where all but two schools use the same scale for the 125 pound class. These other two schools do not have to weigh in at the same scale as the rest of the contestants. So these two schools actually send out a 185 pound wrestler against a 125 pound wrestler. Guess who wins? The same thing happens to all the other weight class matches. It is not really a tournament because the outcome is obviously in favor of the two schools which do not have to abide by the same weight standard.

Under the Cap and Trade legislation, the United States and Europe have to abide by certain rules of carbon emissions. The same rules do not apply to other countries, notably China and India, which have the worst records of pollution and carbon emissions. Is there any question of which country will win in the tournament of industrial production of steel, petrochemicals and manufacturing? And to the victor belongs the spoils of more business, jobs, and income. The losers export jobs, factories and money, either by default or design.

If Cap and Trade is such a good idea, shouldn't all players have to abide by the same standards involving weight, length, or quantity? Our country has hobbled its economy but allowing at least two major players an exemption from the rules. Either all play by the same rules or get a different game where all players agree to follow the same rules.

Allen Wold