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Letter: Wish Trees available in the community

It is that time of year again when the Morris Area Women of Today and the Salvation Army cosponsor two Wish Trees for the purpose of providing area children with requested items of clothing and shoes.

This year we once again graciously ask that you consider adopting an ornament from one of the two trees, located at Shopko and Town and Country. If you decide to adopt an ornament please make sure that you fill out the bottom half of the ornament with your name and phone number and place it in the box next to the tree. Take the top portion of the ornament so you know what to buy for the child, and returned the unwrapped gift along with the top part of ornament to the store where you got the ornament.

Please make sure that you return the gift no later than Dec. 18, 2013. On behalf of the Morris Area Women of Today I thank you for your generosity. It is amazing to me how much love and support there is in this community for those in need, which is ever so important to consider that this season of the Nativity.