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Letter: A tribute to my mother

A tribute to my mother

Monday was the day to wash

All the clothes so dirty got

On the washboard she did scrub

To get the clothes without a spot.

The water was heated on the range

And kept it hot for the day

The stove was fed wood so dry

You could not see smoke in the sky.

The clothes were hung out on a line

So the sun and wind would surely dry

They'd smell so fresh I would say

And be ready for another day.

My mother cooked our meals

And baked our cakes

She sewed our clothes

With love there is no mistake.

She knew just what

Us kids would need

To be the best

That we could be.

She taught us to be smart and strong

So we could have a happy home

And then we could always say

Mom taught us to be that way.

Don Rasmussen

Morris, Minn.