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Letter: Thanks to guys and gals in uniform

Minnesota lost another of its finest when a Mendota Heights police officer was killed Wednesday. He was simply doing his job protecting the citizens of his city and our state.

That got me to thinking as to why I joined the Los Angeles Police Department as a sworn officer so many years ago.

First: It was because I really like to help people, protecting them from bad guys and gals, even giving traffic citations to keep the driver from hurting him/herself or others.

Second: I like to be where the excitement is. That is why I was a police officer, and also an emergency medical technician, volunteer firefighter and Navy officer.

Third: It was a way to make a living while doing what I enjoyed.

I don’t know why the law enforcement officers of the Morris Police Department, Stevens County Sheriff Department and others in this area who serve and protect us took the job.

But, whatever reason, we thank them for their service. Sure, maybe the job is not as dangerous as serving in Los Angeles, New York City or even the Twin Cities, but officers have been killed in cities and counties smaller than Morris and Stevens County.

So, when you see our men and women in uniform, remember, they are here to protect us, and in doing so, are serving us.

Thanks guys and gals, and be safe.