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Letter: Take time to recognize child care providers

It is during this week that I would like to take a moment to acknowledge Stevens County’s day care providers. As caregivers of our community’s children, their work is both very much appreciated and also greatly needed by many parents in our communities. Their role as caregiver in our childrens’ lives is huge, and one that lasts for many years. This role is not something that is easily done. It takes time, energy, commitment, patience, and lots of creativity to meet the daily demands that are required of providers.

In Stevens County we have 34 family day care providers and one day care center. On a daily basis as many as 445 children can be receiving care in licensed center/homes throughout Stevens County. Not only do these providers give their love and time to caring for the next generation, they are making sure each child is fed, rested, nurtured, entertained and above all kept safe each and every day.

Whether or not you have ever had children in day care, I ask you to join with me in giving our Stevens County day care providers a round of applause for all they do in helping to raise the youngest children in our communities. Their work is appreciated far more than they may realize.