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Letter: Taffe ignored endorsement to run in GOP primary

A recent letter to the editor suggested that people should support Nancy Taffe in the August 12 primary election because she will, “most importantly listen to what you want.”

Yet the first major decision/action of her campaign was to ignore the vote of the grassroots base of the Republican Party when she decided to run in the primary election. She refused to listen to the voices of our neighbors in this district including many from her home city and county. This is her right under Minnesota election law, however, it certainly did not give me confidence that she would actually stand behind and carry forward the voices of the people.

Jeff Backer decisively won the Republican endorsement on the first ballot at the March 22 convention due to his hard work, experience and knowledge of the issues facing our rural communities. With his background as a mayor, school board member, Lions Club member, business owner, and father he will effectively represent greater Minnesota's priorities at the Capitol.

Please join me in voting for Jeff Backer for State Representative on August 12.