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Letter: Stevens County DAC still accepting recyclables

Several people have asked me how the recent change in Stevens County recycling protocol will affect the aluminum and paper recycling performed by the DAC.    

The DAC is continuing to purchase aluminum beverage cans for recycling and we are still accepting newspaper, high grade paper, and magazines in our drop boxes. I am disappointed that the DAC was not considered in the plan for single sort recycling. In several other Minnesota counties the DACs play a major role in county recycling, including collection, sorting and baling. This not only provides needed jobs for our disabled citizens, it keeps these jobs local and eliminates the need to transport materials to another site.

In early May, when I inquired about the role that the DAC could play in the expanded recycling program, I was told that it was already a “done deal” and that we should ask again in five years when the current contract expires. Meanwhile, Stevens County residents can still sell (or donate) their aluminum cans to the DAC and use our drop boxes for paper recycling.