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Letter: Republicans should get credit for status of Minnesota's economy

I find it rather ironic that Jay McNamar of District 12A had a letter to the editor in the Pope County Tribune applauding the status of Minnesota's economy.

It seems that he is insinuating that the Democratic control of our state government should be given credit for that. I would like to point out, that it was the Republicans, while the majority party in the state house, stood up to democratic Governor Dayton, balanced the state budget without raising taxes and cut the cost of government by 8 percent, saving the taxpayers money. Republicans reformed state government and cut excess spending to turn a projected $5 billion deficit into a $2.8 billion surplus allowing the private sector economy to grow and unemployment to fall lower than the national average.

Unfortunately now that the Democrats have been in full control of our state government, all of this good news of our economy is halted. Minnesotans will pay $2.1 billion in new state taxes and business services including warehousing, repairs of commercial, electronic and telecommunications equipment have received a new sales tax which will affect the cost of goods and services and unemployment. Democrats have also increased state spending by 10 percent which more than negates the good the Republicans had accomplished.

Democrats in the state legislature and then with the approval of Democratic Governor Dayton also forced childcare providers into union. Forcing small businesses to join a union only directs more taxpayers funding to pay for massive salaries for union bosses and further hurts the economy.

Democrat Representative Jay McNamar also turned traitor to his constituents when he promised to uphold traditional marriage but then voted against their wishes.