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Letter: Qualified

You don’t hire a chef to change your oil. He wasn’t trained for that job.

You don’t hire a dentist to cater your wedding. That’s not his forte.

You don’t hire a manicurist to change your brake pedals. She’s never studied that.

You don’t elect a green-horn, who’s had no experience in education, government or public service. He’s not qualified to serve as a state legislator.

Jeff Backer has been mayor, school board member, and EMT-attendant. All those previous activities will serve him well, when we elect him to serve as our state representative in District 12A. He’s not a chef or a dentist or a manicurist, but he’s well qualified to serve as our state representative.

But he can’t serve us in the state legislature if we don’t vote for him.

If you are a registered voter in 12A, you are qualified to take part in Minnesota politics.

Are you in 12A? Do you know where you vote in the primary? Are you a responsible citizen?

Will you be among the 40 percent who don’t vote?