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Letter: Nancy Taffe brings new voice and fresh ideas

The Primary Election in Minnesota is August 12 and the eligible voters of Minnesota will have the opportunity to cast their ballot for the party of their choice. Remember that you can vote for only one party or your vote will be thrown out. If you are undecided about who to vote for, I would like to encourage you to consider Nancy Taffe. You probably haven’t heard much about Nancy because she is not a seasoned politician, instead she is a business woman, wife, mother, grandmother and friend who is interested in doing what is best for rural Minnesota. It seems that the decision makers in St. Paul have forgotten there is life beyond the metropolitan area and we need someone who will vote for what is best for everyone and will not be tied to party lines and ideas that come from the metro politicians. If you are happy with the status quo, do nothing, but if you think we need a new voice and fresh ideas, vote for Nancy Taffe.