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Letter: My hometown community

With all of the bad news that we receive from around the world and around our country, it sure was a pleasure to attend the recent birthday concert for Adair Horgan celebrating her 90th birthday. It was a well-organized and fast-moving performance displaying many local talents and many fine attributes of our community. It was a beautiful tribute to a wonderfully talented and passionate woman who has inspired and mentored so many musicians. A big thanks to Adair for her contribution to our community by sharing her talent, enabling training scholarships for new students, and simply adding to the culture of our community.

A big thanks to all the musicians who participated in the concert sharing their talents and passion. Your talents also enhanced my quality of life and culture with a “warm and fuzzy” sense of pride in my community members. As a community member, I am also pleased to have such a beautiful facility with excellent acoustics to really enjoy the musical presentations. While my musical talents are very limited, I do appreciate good music when I hear it. To all the volunteers who participated in that birthday celebration concert, thanks for sharing your time and talents and displaying the passion that makes our community so good. I am proud to call this community my home.