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Letter: Morris Area School Board open position appointments

Today I was notified that the three open school board positions had been appointed and I was not selected. Normally, rejection doesn't surprise me. I was very disappointed this time. Really, I was disappointed in the flawed process.

When I inquired about the positions, I was asked to simply send an email indicating my interest. Since I can't be that curt, I included a paragraph including a couple of my qualifications.

The next communication I received was my rejection. No questions. No interview. No follow-up at all. This rejection letter was the first time I heard about the criteria used to make their selections:

The criteria included:

-- getting all three positions filled, based on the interest indicated by candidates,

-- familiarity with the school district,

-- familiarity with PreK-12 education,

-- representative views of the school district and community, and

-- previous/current experience in the community and on various groups, committees, and governing bodies.

At no time was this made available to any of the applicants. At no time were we asked about our experience in any of the categories. How could the executive board know which committees or governing bodies we'd participated in? What about our experience or community participation? Without asking, they went off what they know about the applicants. No resume or other information was ever requested.

This is not the way I feel the positions should have been filled.

I am very disappointed in the school board's method of selection. I congratulate those who were appointed and look forward to the next election.