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Letter: McNamar votes for DFL tax increases

Rep. Jay McNamar recently voted in favor of the House Omnibus Tax Bill, which increases taxes, fees and surcharges by $3 billion—all to fund a budget that increased more than 10 percent over the previous state budget. Among the taxes increased in the House Tax bill are the income tax, gas tax, tobacco tax, alcohol excise tax, corporate tax, and expansion of the sales tax. Taxes are expanded to include some food items, clothing, water, internet purchases and downloads, insurances, haircuts and other services—and the list goes on!

These gas taxes will affect every Minnesotan, not just the “wealthy.” This list does not even include hospital and other surcharges.

This week the State Senate passed their tax bill which includes about $2 billion in tax, fee, and surcharge increases, again affecting all Minnesotans. The bill failed on the first vote; but after some arm-twisting, three DFLers changed their vote so that it did pass.

This means that the two bills are now in conference committee so as to reach a compromise on how much our taxes will increase, NOT IF they will increase.

It appears that Rep. McNamar is the only legislator representing our area who voted in favor of these tax increases. What are his priorities for our legislative district and the state of Minnesota? I seem to remember him saying that he would buck his own party if any legislation would negatively impact his constituents. Hmmm . . . explain that to us again, Rep. McNamar!

Tax more, spend more. Not a good campaign slogan.