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Letter: McNamar has determination to make changes

I have known Representative Jay McNamar since I was in seventh grade, when he became one of my teachers and track coach at West Central High School in Elbow Lake, Minn; over 26 years ago. I have always thought of Representative McNamar as a kind and patient soul and one of my heroes in life. What I admire about Representative McNamar is his willingness to always listen and truly hear what I am saying, and even if we don't agree he is respectful and inquisitive to ensure he knows all the facts. He makes his decisions based on those facts.

I have found my career home at West Central MN Communities Action in Elbow Lake, Minn. and have been employed there for almost 18 years. I have listened to the stories of leaders that have come before us; individuals that have changed our world. I look at the impact President Kennedy left on our nation, the changes Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. brought about, and the legacy that Senator Paul Wellstone left with his untimely death. Those three men left us with a better nation. They persevered in tough times, stayed strong when we needed them, and made educated decisions that strengthened us in ways we may never know.

When I look at Representative Jay McNamar I see the same drive, the same humble determination and the same willingness to listen, learn and make the changes necessary to see us all into the next century. My heart believes he will be one of those men in our history books. He is a man who cared enough about me, about the families that I work hard for each day, and about our state that he ran for office and became a part of the change we need. I had the opportunity to join him at the Community Action of Minnesota Best Practices Award Ceremony in St. Paul last week. Representative McNamar addressed us with words that touched our hearts, but more importantly, showed us the true reality of what it means to help people and change lives. His words will live in my heart and soul forever and I will work all my life to fulfill his expectations and to work hard for his fellow constituents and Minnesota families.