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Letter: Many constituents have been pleased with McNamar’s service to the community

This letter is in response to the letter sent by Marilyn Ingebrigtsen to last week’s Sun Tribune. I want to say that I just can't understand her frustration about promises made to constituents of Rep. Jay McNamar, because, you see, she isn’t one.

It would be difficult for any member of the state legislature, even her own husband (state Sen. Bill Ingebrigtsen), to make an electoral promise to anyone other than their own constituents. I wouldn’t expect her husband Sen. Ingebrigtsen to make electoral promises to me, because he is no longer my state senator.

I, along with many others, have been extremely pleased with Rep. McNamar’s service to our community. He has held true to every commitment he made to my neighbors and I. I’m pleased with the work he did this session to positively impact funding for nursing homes, hospitals, E-12 schools, and roads in our district. He also helped implement a freeze to sky-rocketing college tuition, and he forced our state colleges and universities to be more prudent with taxpayer dollars. Rep. McNamar and his colleagues in the Minnesota House passed bills to provide funding for veterans programs, new business development, job creation, lower property taxes, and yes, they did it by asking wealthy Minnesotans to pay a more progressive income tax.

I think Mrs. Ingebrigtsen would do well to focus less on the good work of our honorable state representative, and focus her opinions more on the supposed run for governor that her husband is attempting. She might find her input of greater use there, in District 8, where it belongs.