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Letter: Lukewarm Christians should vote to be on God’s side

In troubled times as individuals or as a nation, I think most of us ask God to be on our side. But in learning the words of Abe Lincoln when someone asked if God was on our side said, “Pray that we are on God's side.”

So noting that as a nation we have answered “Thou shall not kill” with millions of abortions, when did your life begin?

Now in answer to “Thou shall not commit adultery,” we have accepted the sexual revolution all the way to homosexual marriage.

So I ask you, whose side are you on as an individual or as a nation and what will God say when we ask for his blessing?

In listening to the Memorial Day services on KMRS there were many references to God. I've heard it said that there are not atheists in a fox hole.

Most Americans claim to believe in God so isn't it time for those lukewarm Christians to vote to be on God's side so that He will be on the side of our soldiers?