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Letter: Letter raised issue about state, not national economy

In addressing his concerns about my letter, I am wondering why Mark Myron starts talking about the national economy which I was not even talking about in my letter. Jay McNamar was falsely giving Democrats credit for our economy just here in the state of Minnesota and how it was better than the national economy. My comments gave concrete examples of what the Republicans had actually done, the effects of which we see at the present time. Then I gave concrete examples of what the Democratic controlled state government has now done to overturn all that, the effects of which are for the most part still to come. But even Dayton already admits to having made mistakes in some of the increased taxes that he signed into law.

Myron does have a valid point when he states that I should learn from Pope Francis and be less judgmental. But then, we all need to. He's a wonderful emulator of Christ and St. Francis. The recent misinterpreted statements of Pope Francis reminds me of when Christ came upon men ready to stone a woman for adultery. He very calmly said to them, "He who is without sin, cast the first stone." Then Jesus told the woman after not one had cast a stone that He also did not condemn her but also added, "Go and sin no more." Christ loves us sinners. That is why he saved us from our sins by dying for us.  He wants to free us from our habits of sin. His amazing love for us is that while we were yet in sin, He died for love of us so that we could use His power obtained for us on the cross to get us out of our sinful habits. This is a basic Truth of the precious love of God and that will not and cannot ever change.

As head of the Church that Christ founded, Pope Francis intends to stick to those unchangeable principles irregardless of how many people in the media and elsewhere misinterpret much of what he says. Pope Francis did not say that homosexuality was not a sin. He simply said, as the example I gave of Christ, that we have to recognize the fact that we are ALL sinners and fall short of the glory of God. Pope Francis even added a specific comment about how wrong it was for people to advocate for homosexuality. Part of his duty as the Vicar of Christ is to admonish sinners which he was doing in a loving merciful way. There is nothing to be gained by justifying homosexuality and then not accepting the love that God has for us in His gift of mercy and forgiveness. To think that that is what Pope Francis was talking about is a gross misunderstanding. He was showing a specific difference between those who struggle with the sin of homosexuality and those who not only do not accept that it is a sin but actually even promote the sin of homosexuality.

As good citizens we also have an obligation to hold our elected officials accountable for their actions. So was it wrong of me to point out how Rep. Jay McNamar was falsely taking credit for something that Republicans actually did or that he went against his own promise to his constituents by not voting to uphold traditional marriage??? Voters need to know these things. They also need to know that Myron was wrong about me making anti-gay remarks in that letter. I simply was pointing out the dishonesty of Jay McNamar. My views about homosexuality are the same as Pope Francis as I spelled out above, whom Myron obviously admires.