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Letter: Legion beer sale profits used to support youth programs

The American Legion Post 29 of Morris was chartered in 1921, making us one of the oldest veterans organizations in the state. Our fathers and grandfathers got together with the VFW and Stevens County to build a grandstand at the Fairgrounds. In return, we were granted a lifetime concession in the north third of the Grandstand. For generations the beer garden concession has been run by volunteers, and the profits were always spent on donations to local youth programs, such as youth wrestling, junior shooting sports, youth archery, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Eagle Scouts, Boys’ State, Legion baseball, area post-proms, scholarships and many other youth programs. So imagine our surprise when we went to check the conditions at the Grandstand and there was a new fence right down the middle of our beer gardens. It seems that Steve Storck, and the Fair Board, could make more money by taking the Grandstand away from us and giving it to the Met Lounge. This fence will effectively cut our business 50 percent or more. So when you see Steve Storck, and other members of the Fair Board, riding around on their four-wheelers, stop them, and thank them, because when you and your kids need money for any of the above youth programs, we’re sure the Fair Board and the Met Lounge will be glad to help you out.