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Letter: Kudos to Morris BPA and Paul LeTendre for Celebrate My Drive efforts

As the Celebrate My Drive promotion comes to an end, a big kudos needs to go out to the Morris Area School BPA Chapter for their motivation and enthusiasm in promoting the Celebrate My Drive promotion sponsored by State Farm! Of course none of this would be possible without the full support of their fearless advisor Ms. Jenny Maras, Paul LeTendre from State Farm, and the students, teachers and administration at MAHS.

The BPA students have used social media to reach out all over the USA and beyond to get folks to rally behind them. It has been fun to see posts from people in California, Arizona, Mexico, Ohio, New Jersey and more, all with encouraging words for these students. It is great to see how the community is working together to promote safe driving. You can see windows chalked along main street, signs on various businesses promoting you to vote, donated advertising spots, information "stuffers" in bags at local businesses, etc.

Even if we aren't number one in the end, a lot of positive has come out of this. Lessons have been taught that you can't learn in the classroom, the students have reached out to fellow schools across the U.S., spoken to the public, gotten out in the community to show they care for safer roads. I have a strong feeling we will earn grant money through the Celebrate My Drive Promotion, but most importantly this has really brought the community, school, and businesses together to work for smart drivers. Thank you Ms. Maras and BPA students for a job well done!