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Letter: Jeff Backer has character to be a public servant

It has been said that one’s true character is shown when the person thinks no one is looking. I find that this rings true with Jeff Backer. Although I am now a retired Registered Nurse, I worked in the Graceville Hospital for about twenty years and saw the true character of many people and Jeff was one of them.

Jeff Backer has been (and still is) a volunteer ambulance EMT for 18 years. He was always kind and helpful to the staff at the hospital. He was polite to victims of accidents or sickness. One thing that impressed me was how much he cared for those he brought to the hospital. He was compassionate, caring, and capable.

Jeff was this way a long time before he decided to run for State Representative. His job as a volunteer EMT wasn’t an act, or grandstanding to get some votes. He has the character needed to be a public servant because for the past 18 years he has already demonstrated public service to those who at one time in their lives could not help themselves.

A man of proven character has my vote in the primary election on Aug. 12 and should have your vote too.