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Letter: It's good manners to remove your hat indoors

I was amazed when the Morris Area school board okayed a ban on wearing caps or hats in the classroom

The amazement was that such a ban was even considered necessary.

Caps are for keeping your head warm, the sun off your head, or the sun out of your eyes.  Thus I don’t think caps are needed in the classroom, unless those classrooms are a lot colder or a lot sunnier than when I went to school.

Now I understand why men of all ages wear their caps while eating in restaurants; they are not taught to remove them.  I was taught it is just good manners to remove your hat or cap when you enter a building, except to shop, or other such activity. But, if the schools allow caps in classrooms, I can see why some men think caps are okay everywhere, even in church.

I hope this ban will teach our young men to take off their caps in other places, also. I recall in the U.S. Navy if you entered even a bar with your Navy ‘cover’ on, a bell was rung, and you bought the entire bar a round of drinks.

In Montana, the unwritten law is that seated on a stool at a bar, you may keep your cowboy hat on; seated at a table, remove that hat, or you are in trouble. The same went for ball caps.