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Letter: Habitat for Humanity does it locally and globally, but still needs you

Have you ever debated giving of your time, money, and/or resources? With today’s challenging and demanding lifestyles, perhaps how best to utilize them? Where to put them to use – locally, nationally, or internationally? With Habitat for Humanity, you don’t have to choose; your local contributions help support local and global efforts to partner our non-profit with families in need to build simple, decent, and affordable housing.

To date the generous contributions in support of our local chapter have helped us to build four new homes and renovate another in Stevens County, while contributing funds to build 10 homes in Honduras! Every year we tithe a small percentage of the funds we have raised and it equates that for every home we build here, our tithe is able to build two in Honduras.

These wonderful accomplishments would not be possible without the continued support of the many donors, supporters, volunteers, and contributors over the years. Regardless of your contribution type, amount, or duration, please know that it has been turned into something greater than itself and that every contribution is truly appreciated!

In addition to our partner families’ mortgage payments to us each month (yes, our families have mortgages – Habitat is not a giveaway program) we continue with our annual slate of fundraisers. We host pancake breakfasts, burger bars, pork chop suppers, raffles, tip nights, golf tournaments, and other events to keep working towards raising sufficient funds for our next build. Currently we do not have enough money to build in 2013, but are hopeful that with a swell of support we will be able to build in Hancock in 2014.

Funding is obviously an integral part for a building project, but even more so are the people involved that help with every aspect of our organization. Regardless of people’s time, talents, experiences, or desires, if you have even the slightest curiosity about Habitat for Humanity or the desire to get involved, I would strongly encourage you to do so.

All of our monthly meetings are open, but the perfect opportunity is just a few, short days away. On June 4 we will be holding our annual meeting which is an excellent opportunity to come and learn more about Habitat, give input and feedback, and to help shape the future of the Stevens County chapter. The meeting will be held in the Morris Public Library’s meeting room starting at 6:30 p.m. I know well the busyness, demands, and pressures of life today, but it would be great to see some more people involved. As the 16th century writer John Heywood penned, “Many hands make light work.”

A very sincere thank you for the consideration and generosity to help families in Stevens County and around the world.