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Letter: Governor Dayton's sales tax proposal

Webster's Dictionary, circa 2002, definition of SALE: 1. Operations and activities involved in promoting goods or services; 2. Public disposal to highest bidder.

Proposal: Sales tax on all political contributions and all media advertisements related to elections dedicated to funding for:

1. Care for all individuals diagnosed with a mental illness.

2. Domestic violence victims.

3. Preventing violence against children.

4. Sane firearm registration programs.

5. Unfunded mandates for education.

Who knows?

1. Elected officials could possibly benefit from the Americans with Disabilities Act under an updated DSM (Diagnostic Statistical Manual) for mental disorders; Dysfunctional Disorder, NOS (not otherwise specified) and yet continue to serve as a protected class.

2. Fewer firearm-related deaths because legislators would pay the freight for proper interventions pre-empting improper ownership of firearms.

3. Based on past history, one could conclude that legislators would create a sales tax exemption for their “applied services” via a legislative mandate. Does anyone doubt that legislators are for sale for providing services to the public?

4. Legislators would feel the constraints their decisions impose.

Just the musings of a family doctor from west overshoe Minnesota (that terrible place called “elsewhere”) who doesn't belong to a “politically correct” funded “Think Tank.”

Michael R. Busian, M.D.

Morris, Minn.