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Letter: Frank Fox was a tremendous influence

Frank Fox was the Morris Public School Superintendent when I graduated from high school. He had a tremendous influence on my life!

He invited his good friend (Dr. Nels Minne, president of Winona State University at that time) to speak at our commencement exercises.

Together, they arranged a scholarship for me at Winona State University, where I received my B.S. (with highest honors) and my M.S. degrees in elementary education. I had a very rewarding teaching career, most of it in the Glenwood Public Schools from 1960 - 1991.

I will always be very grateful to Frank Fox for his tremendous influence on my life.

Because my own education was made possible by a scholarship, it was always a dream of mine to fund a scholarship at Winona State University for someone else.

My will designates that the Joyce Jenney Scholarship for an Early Childhood Education major be awarded annually to a student selected by the Winona State University Foundation. It makes me very happy to help someone else get a college education! It is a small way to repay the person who funded my scholarship years ago.