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Letter: Flag Day Observed June 14

The United States flag was first authorized by Congress June 14, 1777. This date is now observed as Flag Day.

The flag was first flown from Fort Stanwix, on the site of the present city of Rome, New York, on Aug. 3, 1777. It was first under fire three days later in the Battle of Oriskany, Aug. 6, 1777. It was first decreed that there should be a star and a stripe for each state, making thirteen of both, for the states at that time had just been erected from the original thirteen colonies.

The colors of the flag may be thus explained: The red is for valor, zeal and fervency; the white for hope, purity, cleanliness of life, and rectitude of conduct; the blue, the color of heave, for reverence to God, loyalty, sincerity, justice and truth.

The star (an ancient symbol of India, Persia and Egypt) symbolizes dominion and sovereignty, as well as lofty aspirations. The constellation of the stars within the union, one star for each state, is emblematic of our Federal Constitution, which reserves to the States their individual sovereignty except as to rights delegated by them to the Federal Government.

The symbolism of the flag was thus interpreted by Washington; “We take the stars from Heaven, the red from our mother country, separating it by white stripes, thus showing that we have separated from her, and the white stripes shall go down to posterity representing Liberty.”

The name “Old Glory” was given to our national flag on Aug. 10, 1831, by Captain William Driver of the brig Charles Doggett.

The United States flag is unique in the deep and noble significance of its message to the entire world, a message of national independence, of individual liberty, or idealism, of patriotism.

Pat Kieffer, President of the American Legion Auxiliary, recited: “Our flag is a symbol of American endeavor and sacrifice. It is a standard for the beliefs and values Americans cherish. It is the cornerstone of freedom from every citizen. To the families of our fallen heroes, the American flag is a badge of pride and symbol of our nation’s gratitude.

“The American Legion Family will continue to educate our children and the public about the American flag…because it represents important memories and events in the lives of all those who have served and love this country. And we will continue to show our respect and salute the flag at every opportunity…to reaffirm our great love and support for America.

“The American Legion Family want to sincerely thank all businesses and the residents in the community for displaying a flag on a continuous basis. If your flag is in need of repair, please feel free to contact the American Legion Post.”