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Letter: Fire calls should be part of taxes paid

If you live in the Morris fire district and the fire engines are called to your home, business, etc., you will be billed for $500 whether the fire fighters fight a fire or not.

I found that out a few weeks ago when a malfunction at the main office of my alarm company said a fire alarm was going off in my home.

The Morris fire fighters responded; checked the house, earned $10.50 an hour for their work and went back to the station.

I do thank them for their quick response; had there been a fire, I’m sure they’d have gotten it out swiftly, but I am wondering if the City of Morris should charge a flat $500 for any fire call.

We pay taxes for the fire department, but we still pay when the engines respond. I’m told this is common in Minnesota, but in every other town I have lived, California, Nebraska, Montana and Arizona, you are not charged for a fire call; “it is why you pay taxes.”

But, I do know one city was considering charging for police calls, and I suppose that is next; if you must pay for a fire call, why not for a police call?

But, I’ve always felt taxes pay for fire and police protection, and you don’t pay when you call law enforcement or the fire department.

Ted Storck

Morris, Minn.