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Letter: Fighting for freedom in Ukraine

I wonder how many of your readers have watched the struggle going on in the country of Ukraine and placed the significance on it that it should have? Not very many years ago these people suffered under the control of the USSR and its hand of suppression. They have not forgot what that was like. As I watched their struggle take place these last weeks, I wondered how serious they were? When those people finally started to give their lives for their beliefs and for the freedoms that they wanted I knew they would win the battle.

Think how many of our young warriors lay under white crosses on every continent in this world so that we can have the freedoms that we have in America. We now have a president that has complete disregard for our Constitution, our Bill of Rights and our individual freedoms. This is done under the guise of clean air, clean water, healthcare and global warming. It amazes me to watch someone destroy the very thing that his race has sought after so diligently over the past 200 years. That is, the rights and freedoms of an individual to pursue in his own way a more productive way of life. I really think we need to change that.