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Letter: Fair Board is not fair

What does the Stevens County Fair Board have against veterans? In an attempt to shut the American Legion’s beer sales down to the Grandstand, the Fair Board felt the necessity to build a fence closing off the north access to the beer garden.

A letter was received claiming the American Legion doesn’t pay them enough money to operate there anyhow.

Missing from that letter is the fact the Legion is a non-profit organization that donates all its profits to things like youth wrestling and baseball, Post Prom, Ducks Unlimited and numerous other activities or organizations.

Furthermore, the Grandstand was built by proceeds from the American Legion and VFW.

I feel it’s a dishonor to try to squeeze us out. So if you are a veteran or belong to any of the places we donate to, or even a voter, talk to the Fair Board and ask them what they have against veterans by putting up a fence.

As I looked over the Fair Board roster, I did not see a person on it that was a Legion member. Maybe if some were they would get it!