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Letter: The entire community benefits from 4-H

In honor of 4-H week I would like to share some of my recent experiences with this wonderful organization. This summer I was fortunate enough to spend time helping in the 4-H food stand with three different 4-H clubs. It is truly an enjoyable experience to watch the members teach each other. The younger ones learn the various responsibilities involved with the food stand from the older ones while the older ones practice their leadership abilities in teaching the younger members how to conduct themselves as well as the mechanics of performing their duties. I am proud to say that I have had a lifelong involvement with 4-H. This organization has been around for many years providing young people with the opportunity to learn, grow, teach, and give back. This organization benefits the people that participate at all levels, and everyone in our community benefits from the positive effects that 4-H has on the people in it and their projects.