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Letter to the Editor: March 3, 2012

Agencies should be helping, protecting elderly citizens

I want to let the public know how I, as an elderly citizen, have been mistreated by our local law enforcement, the Big Stone County HRA Board and staff. An incident took place where I live, at the Lakeside Apartments about five months ago, in which I was physically assaulted by another resident.

The HRA Board, staff and law enforcement refused to help me have the attacker evicted from the building.

There were witnesses to the attack and it was caught on video. I sought medical treatment and have a doctor's report of bodily injury.

Though I have a restraining order, the attacker still lives in the same building and I see him regularly. I am in constant fear for my life.

I've talked to law enforcement from other communities, an investigator from St. Paul and different AARP advocates and they've all told me this is not right. They cannot help me, as they are not licensed to practice in this county.

They've instructed me to write this letter to inform the public of how these local agencies are treating me. They should be helping and protecting me.

Si Ulrich, Ortonville, Minn.