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Letter to the Editor: June 23, 2012

One thing they do not want free

Liberals claiming that the poor would be kept from voting if we got voter ID cards is total hogwash! We're all entitled to our own opinions but we are not entitled to our own facts! Minnesota has the most voter fraud of any state and I can prove it! Voter fraud is likely why Obama, Dayton and Franken won the last election and Democrats are extremely opposed to ending fraud. Some may respond claiming that I am a liar, racist, and hate-monger but they're wrong! They need to listen to fair and balanced Fox News instead of those who cover up for this administration's endless fraud.

We aren't a racist country and some say there's now reverse racism. No credit is ever given that the Republican Party abolished slavery. Former Democrat senator Robert Byrd was a member of the Ku Klux Clan in the 1940s, and stayed in the senate until 2010 and we never heard a word about his racism? Wanting to stop voter ID is not racism! Many so called "poor" often drive and they're required to have a photo driver's license to drive. Some cities have offered free voter ID cards!! Why don't they want them? We know why - they can vote for Obama many times not could so many votes be cast in the names of dead people or Mickey Mouse. Many heard of the TV show guests who testified that accord got one person to vote for Obama 23 times and the other one 70 times. Is that fair? This fraud must be stopped if we are ever again to have fair election this administration can't continue spending trillions the excessive GSA fraud and paying huge salaries of Secret Service men who squander huge sums on prostitutes!! Enough is enough!!

Mitt Romney has spoken of those who sit on the coach waiting for their government check. It's time they started working. They want him reelected so they can continue to get everything free but there's that one exception - that free Voter ID card!!!

IngaMae B. Urke; Starbuck, Minn.