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Letter to the Editor: June 16, 2012

Writing about respect

I am writing about respect. My family and I have been living by Wells Park for nine years. We really like living by the park. We enjoy the access to the playground and the ball fields. We like watching our sons playing in the Summer Rec programs and Little League. What we do not like is the lack of respect of some of the players, parents and their children.

Three years ago, two players from the Twins team urinated on a tree of ours three feet away from our garden and ten feet away from our house. I am sure that one of the Twins had wet hands when I yelled at him to go away. There are bathrooms in the park for that reason, and they can wash their hands when they are done.

We have had children run through our garden and break branches off of our young trees while parents watch the games. I told the kids to stop, and I had two parents tell me to leave their kids alone. We had people drive into our driveway and into our lawn. People have pulled out signs so they could see the game better when all they had to do was to sit in front of the signs. We even blocked our driveway with cement blocks, so now we can't use our full driveway.

We have asked the city to do something about this, but all we got was the suggestion that maybe we should do some landscaping.

This past Saturday, June 9, there was a baseball tournament at Wells. We were not at home, and when we got back there were kids knocking plums off of our tree. My son asked them why they were knocking the plums off and they scattered. It was not just one plum, but more than twenty. Also, they broke some of our green beans. Where were the parents?

I am sure that other homeowners and businesses that are located around any of the ball parks would like respect for their property.

What would you do if I was breaking your trees, stomping on your garden and urinating on your trees?

Gregory G. Sperr; Morris, Minn.