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Letter to the Editor: July 28, 2012

Field trials of interest to our community

I called your office and talked to Kim Ukura eight days ago to suggest that the paper may want to cover the West Central Minnesota Retriever Club Field Trial here in Morris 7/20/12 - 7/22/12. I am in no way affiliated with the trial, but I think it's of interest to our community. There are 106 dogs out there and at least 300 owners, trainers and handlers SUFFERING in this great weather we're enjoying, meanwhile accomplishing amazing results in their sport. Many have been here for over a week. They are staying at our motels and parks, eating in our restaurants, etc. And the dog people from Missouri, Texas, Wisconsin and any other states may like to see a little support from our community! Where are you people?? NO news?? This isn't worth your time? No big surprise I don't have a subscription anymore... I hear over and over that news dropped into your laps doesn't get a glance. What happened to our local Morris NEWSpaper?

Sarah Granger; Starbuck, Minn.