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Letter to the Editor: December 24, 2011

Website can help find and share burial information

If you are looking for information on your ancestors and where they are buried, there is a website that may just help you.

It is

Open the site, and if you have no idea where a person is buried, you can click on "Search 72 million grave records." If someone has placed that person into FindAGrave, the name and burial site will appear.

If you know where the person is buried, then you open "Search for a cemetery," and put the name of the cemetery, the state, and the country, the cemetery will appear. You then put the person's name in, or you can search all burials, and, again, if someone has placed the name there, it will appear with information on the person.

Some cemeteries have nearly every burial recorded, such as Calvary in Morris, with over 2,000 burials listed. Summit in Morris has 260 listed, while Kongsvinger has 17, and St. Theresia, both in Donnelly, have 39 and Emmanuel in Swan Lake has 10 burials listed. Other cemeteries in Stevens County with burials listed include Chokio Lutheran with 127 listed, St. Mary's at Chokio with 41 listed, Vinger at Donnelly with 86 listed, Scandia West with 21 listed and Scandia East with 77 listed. Check the site for other area cemeteries.

Now, you can add names and information of relatives and friends by going to and opening "Join The Find A Grave Community." It costs nothing, but you must register, and then you can add names to any cemetery in the world. The only restriction is if someone has added a name, you cannot add any information without the approval of the person who put in the original information. This is easy to do; you just e-mail the person responsible and ask that the site be released to you. Then you are free to add information.

I have placed over 2,500 names on the site, but in so many cases, I only had the name and maybe the death date to add. Therefore, I am asking folks who have additional information on persons I have placed on to request I turn that site over to them. Then they can add more facts on the person and his/her life.

By doing so, you will help generations to come as they search for information on ancestors.

Incidentally, if you are looking for where in a cemetery a person is buried, that is often listed on the person's site. Calvary has done that, while most have not, though.

If you have any questions, I can be reached at

Ted Storck - Morris, MN and Surprise, AZ