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Letter to the Editor: December 10, 2011

Take a look at useless laws

A recent story in the Sun Tribune stated that last year 127 people were cited in Minnesota for transporting uncased or loaded firearms.

That got me to thinking: Why do we have this law at all? I've checked with several states, and spokesmen there say they have never heard of a law requiring a long gun to be cased inside a vehicle. Is this just another case of someone in Minnesota years ago thinking this was a good idea, and no one through the years have ever thought it should be repealed?

That got me to thinking even more: How many laws have been passed that really don't make sense, but we are just sheep, and whether we follow the law or not, we do nothing to get it repealed?

I think it is about time that cities, counties, states and the federal government take a look at every law, and repeal a great deal of them. I'm sick of being a sheep and not questioning why some laws exist.

Ted Storck; Morris, MN and Surprise, AZ