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Letter to the Editor: Dec. 29, 2012

Do 10 percent more in Morris

If Morris is "your" town, why don't you make a New Year's resolution to do at least 10 percent more of your shopping in Morris than you did in other years?

If all of us who journey to Alexandria to shop at Wal Mart, Fleet Farm, Menards, etc. would make a resolution to do at least 10 percent more shopping at locally owned Morris stores and 10 percent less in Alexandria, think of what effect that would have on Morris.

Oh sure, we may save a few dollars when we buy groceries at Wal Mart, or buy supplies at Menards or Fleet Farm, or go to the doctor or dentist, or barber, etc., but I have not heard of them donating to Morris churches, veterans' posts, fraternal club, schools, etc. Most Morris businesses donate all the time.

I'm also aware that the paper is full of flyers from Alexandria stores that lure you northeast nearly 50 miles, but throw them away and shop in Morris as much as you can. If you do so, we'll all benefit, and maybe the selection here will increase.

Ted Storck - Morris, Minn.