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Letter: Definitely qualified

Mr. Grenell implied that Nancy Taffe was not qualified to serve as the 12A State Representative. My opinion strongly differs. Nancy has been a business owner for many years, has family and very close ties to people in the district, and has followed politics for a number of years, watching her own daughter be involved with the local Republican Party. It is true that Nancy is not a run-of-the-mill politician. She is one of us and at personal cost is providing the people of 12A with a refreshing alternative to what Mr. Backer offers. I believe Nancy will represent the people of 12A instead of the usual political interests. She will support family interests, small business and the young people of this area and most importantly listen to what you want.

I will be supporting Nancy with my vote at the primary on August 12 and encourage everyone in District 12A to do the same. If you want a change for the better, someone who is willing to represent and work diligently for you, take the time and vote Taffe for representative in District 12A on August 12.