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Letter: Courageous and energetic citizens help with community tree planting

The Morris Tree Board thanks the 37 courageous and energetic people who planted the 32 trees in East Side Park and the 60 trees in Green River Park last Saturday, Nov. 9, 2013. Peopled by an international team of shade lovers from France, Nigeria, China and the U.S., ages 3 to 67, amidst a bitter morning wind, we persevered with a friendly and infectious team spirit to get it done. Special thanks are in order to the Salvation Army and Senior Center kitchen staff for their friendly utensil lending. Many thanks also to Dr. Peter Wyckoff and his ecologists, the Center for Sustainability and their sustainables, Dr. Margaret Keuchenreuther for pushing through with a bulky back problem, and the aged but still nimble Dr. Roland Guyotte for seasoning a few tree holes with his own blood. Gerry Thorstad and Dave Poppe went above and beyond the call of community. What a wonderful team we had filling the parks with a future full of share. Thanks to all, forgive us if we can’t name you personally (your handwriting was too tough to read).