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Letter: Congratulations to Head Start program for top rating

I want to congratulate West Central Minnesota Communities Action’s (WCMCA) Head Start program for receiving a Four Star Parent Aware rating from the Minnesota Department of Human Services. It is the highest rating an early child care program can receive!

Four Star-rated programs like WCMCA Head Start help build the foundation for our youngest children to succeed in school and in life.

Nearly 50 percent of children in Minnesota begin kindergarten without all the skills necessary to succeed in school. This daunting gap in school preparedness costs the state approximately $860 million each year in unnecessary expenditures (special education, police, courts, prisons, health care, social services, income supports, etc.).

In short, there is no better return on investment in our state than early learning. When Minnesota’s kids have the best possible start, we’re all better off.

Kudos to WCMCA Head Start for its superior commitment to our littlest learners!