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Letter: City of Morris should also shop locally

I am writing in response to the many letters to the editor and the article written by Blaine Hill. I realize that we are supposed to shop locally but when you have a limited income and can buy everything you need for half the price in Alexandria then it makes more sense to spend a little in gas and save on the things that you need.

I would also like I ask where the City tax money goes and if the City of Morris only buys things in Morris. I have heard many rumors that have stated that the City of Morris has bought many things including but not limited to the tires that are on the city vehicles, the toilet paper for the parks, the fire department's pick-ups, printer ink, office supplies, printer paper, computers/printers and many other things that are available in Morris but of course are probably cheaper elsewhere.

I also know many of the streets that have been redone have been done by a company that is not from Morris and when the City of Morris has hired other construction crews they too went outside of Morris. My main point is that if the citizens of Morris are supposed to shop locally then the City of Morris should also have to shop locally.

Melissa Romberger

Morris, Minn.